Symphony No. 5 | Destiny Symphony

Symphony No. 5 (c-Moll) op. 67 - Destiny Symphony

1804-1808, dedicated to Franz Joseph Maximilian Fürst Lobkowitz and Andreas Kyrillowitsch Graf Rasumowsky

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"Thus fate knocks at the door", these are the boisterous words Beethoven used to characterise the topic of his Fifth Symphony which was then called "Destiny Symphony". It remains doubtful whether Beethoven ever said these words as they are part of the many colourful and heroic reports written by Anton Schindler, a leading Beethoven biographer. Schindler met Beethoven during his last years and tried to profit from the composer's glory and appraisal by deeming himself the one and only authentic biographer of Beethoven's life, and giving evidence of happenings he could by no means have experienced personally. (Text source: Beethoven-Haus Bonn)