Up and running

250 piano pieces for Beethoven 

Bonn pianist Susanne Kessel has invited composers from around the world to compose their own piano piece for Beethoven. Her goal is to collect 250 pieces and “wrap” them as a very special birthday present by 2020. Additional information to follow.

Ideas for 2020 on a single platform

Ideas and activities for Beethoven’s 250th birthday celebration in 2020 are being collected through the online platform www.beethoven-bonn-2020.de. The site was launched by “Ludwig van B.”, a Bonn-based network which promotes and carries out youth work through music. The goal of the platform is to generate ideas for the 2020 Beethoven celebration and to facilitate collaboration so that the various players, large and small, come together and realize the ideas. The platform requires that all projects are designed and/or executed by young people, and be aimed a young target audience.