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Famous and not-so famous things about Beethoven  

This website is intended as a help to all those looking for quick overview of Beethoven’s life and work. You’ll find much of the information in a “quick and easy” format, but we’ve tried to include the most important details. We will continue to expand the content in the coming months, but we don’t want to overload you. This way there will always be something new to read, see or hear – so stop by often!

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We’re looking for your experiences and ideas to help launch this new Beethoven website. Tell us what you associate with Beethoven or share your memories of a particularly special concert. What does Beethoven’s music mean to you, which of his not-so-famous pieces do you like the best? Form your own choir and sing "Praise to Joy, the God-descended", take a walk through your town or city (wherever you are around the world) and ask passers-by about Beethoven. You can share your encounters, experiences and ideas in our Forum or send us an email with your photos or videos: